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Vectra 3D® Dog


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Warning: Not for use on cats.

Protect your dog against many types of disease-spreading parasites (vectors) at once with Vectra 3D. This fast-acting vectoricide kills and repels adult fleas in 2 hours, as well as ticks, mosquitoes, lice, mites and sand flies. It also prevents the development of all flea stages including eggs, larvae and pupae. Apply once a month for a full 30 days of protection, even after bathing and swimming.

Active Ingredients
Dinotefuran, Pyriproxyfen, Permethrin
Directions for User
(1.) Remove applicator from package. (2.) The dog should be standing or in a comfortable position for easy application. (3.) Holding the applicator upright, place thumb and index finger around the applicator tip under the large disk. With the other hand, grasp the stem of applicator tip above the small disk. (4.) Press down firmly on small disk until both disks meet, piercing the seal. (5.) Using the tip of the applicator, part the hair down to the level of the skin and slowly apply the product. Avoid superficial application to the dog's hair. (6.) Apply the product evenly along the dog's back, beginning between the shoulder blades and continuing in the following order, squeezing until the applicator tube is empty.
Special Precautions
Do Not Use On Cats. Keep out of reach of children.
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